San Isidro lighthouse

What we like most about the San Isidro lighthouse is that it represents the ultimate frontier of civilization, with the Strait of Magellan to the south. It’s the last place where we can find signs of manmade construction (except for the Cross of the Seas). A place with more than 100 years of history, which has helped the region grow by guiding hundreds of vessels crossing the waters of the Strait. Farther on only exists the wild and inclement Patagonia stretching to the south, winding along the Strait, with Cape Froward as the last point of America.

To arrive to the San Isidro lighthouse you need to drive south of Punta Arenas (70 km) on route 9. Once you reach the Parque del Estrecho, continue on the dirt road to the right. This winds alongside the ocean, coming and going by the coast until you make it to the end of the road (parking area). From here you have to walk 4 km to the south for the beach, around 4 hours there and back. After starting out, you will see the lighthouse in the distance, surrounded by incredible geography. 

The location is topped with the main building, reaching almost 8 meters high, located on a small peninsula which has a number of different walkways to explore. The beauty of the area is overwhelming. On one side is an impenetrable coigüe forest while the other side is the rough southern sea. Both sides of the lighthouse have dreamy little bays, a perfect spot to take a siesta and relax, breathing the fresh sea air, disconnecting from city noises and recharge your energy.

It’s important to mention beforehand that the although walk to the lighthouse is basic, walking on the beach the entire time will make it more difficult. Also, if you are more adventurous, on this same route a few meters from the parking area you can trek up the famous Mount Tarn, summited by Charles Darwin in 1834. This activity comes highly recommended and with an immense view of the Strait (830 meters of altitude, 4 hours to the top, approx.). Review the excursion here:


How to arrive

Drive south to the end of the road, the last stop!

Good to know

On one side of the lighthouse is the Hostería Faro San Isidro, receiving guests between October to April. A good idea would be to coordinate your visit and walk followed by a delicious lunch in the Hostería.

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